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Why KKW Fragrance should be on your wishlist.

KKW Fragrance (standing for the one, the only, Kim Karashian West of course) is one of those brands that you see a lot of online, but I don’t hear a lot about people using day to day.

Whenever I was in the US, I’d browse the new releases from KKW Beauty & KKW Fragrance - inevitably, the displays were completely ransacked (zombie movie grocery store scene style), with a lone lipliner dangling out of its torn packet and the tester fragrances missing lids and empty. I never often went as far to get a fragrance and lug it home unless I REALLY wanted it, and at that time I wasn’t enticed by the brand.

Nevertheless, the fragrances smelled fantastic whenever I tried them! A few months back, I saw Myer had the KKW Crystal Gardenia range slashed to like $25 a bottle and bought one and used the entire thing (Kim loves white florals, she was always very inspired by Michael by Michael Kors), and it came with tiny little crystals in an envelope to match the bottle design.

KKW Fragrance is cruelty-free & vegan, but you wouldn’t know via their FAQ - as far as I know this hasn’t changed, and as of 2018 they have been marked on various websites as 100% vegan too.

Unlike so many celebrity perfumes that are hyped up, I don’t feel like KKW Fragrance gets the attention it deserves, at least here in Australia, and that’s probably because there doesn’t seem to be a current exclusive outlet anymore.

You can find a selection of her products in Chemist Warehouse from various releases, and if you’re keen to shop direct from her website she does offer global shipping, or scour eBay for some deals.

Kim just launched her Metallic Hearts range in Gold, Rose Gold & Silver and damn! They are too cute.

This might seem like just another post about a celebrity fragrance in a cute bottle, but it’s rare to find this kind of accessible scent created by a brand that isn’t formulated and delivered by a big animal-testing umbrella company like so many celebrities have signed up for. It takes more to create something mindfully like this, and it’s fabulous to see.

All I can say is, keep your eyes peeled for any more Myer sales, and if you love fresh, fun and lighthearted fragrances (we don’t always want to go down the earthy, plant-y vibe), KKW Fragrance will be your new favourite spritz.


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