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Fenty Beauty makes body shimmer a no-brainer.

The phrase "looking like a disco ball" (or versions of it) has never sat quite right with me - it's often used to describe wearing something glittery or lots of highlighter, but I feel like there's something more special about shimmer on the skin that's much sleeker than the appearance of a disco ball, no?

With that introduction, there's been one brand that has brought back body shimmer in a big way - Fenty Beauty. Sure, we've seen body bronzers and body oils, but when was the last time you saw an oversized fluffy sphere that's infused with shimmer? Forget stodgy body glitters in tubes, these formulas are skin-enhancing, refined and fun to wear and apply.

A cruelty-free brand, we're lucky that many of the body products from Fenty Beauty are vegan-friendly also. I've put together my top 3 favourite glittery, sparkly, spangly, shimmering products from Fenty that are the ultimate accessory.

1.Fairy Bomb Glittering Pom Pom - So, I feel like the name alone sells it. I could never justify this purchase at the time when this was first released but I really wish I did have it now. I'd test it every time I was in store, and it's so much fun (although admittedly the pink furry pom pom got grubby with so many people grabbing at it - of course, this was pre-COVID also). Usually Fenty releases a version of this during the holiday season (and even a mini tree ornament size of it!) with varied shades of glitter-shimmer (that's the best way I can describe it - it's like micro glitter, but more than shimmery) from rose gold to a cooler toned frost. Today, you can also get this product in multiple shades in a much more practical powder pot format, but it's not nearly as fun.

2. Diamond Bomb All-Over Diamond Veil - You can choose from two vegan shades (How Many Carats?!, described as a "pure platinum sparkle" and Cognac Candy (a bronzy, copper shimmer), and this highlighter is pressed neatly into a diamond-style pan, so you will admittedly get a lot less mess than the loose shimmer options. This product is marketed for the face and body, and a much more purse-friendly and travel-friendly option that gives you more control over the shape of the product if you're looking to concentrate on the shoulders or cheekbones for example.

3. Liquid Diamond Glitter Bomb - This one has especially playful packaging, it looks kind of like an oversized nail polish pot, but the lid reveals a rollerball that dispenses snowy, "3D" glittery liquid neatly onto face and body. This is another limited edition product, but one to keep an eye out for in the festive season - perfect for someone that finds powders too much and wants a sheerer but still sparkly effect.

A slight dishonorable mention goes to the Body Lava which, while stunning in the glass bottle, is a sticky, heavy liquid that's hard to apply evenly and often too tinted to throw on with ease (also the kind of product that nestles itself into every edge of your fingers so you'll find yourself smudging the rest of the day).

The Fenty products are generally much more interesting than a standard bronzing body oil and also provide a more wearable day-to-day sparkle.

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