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These silver bullets house a cult-favourite beauty line.

There's so many ways to go about "natural" makeup (and no, I don't mean something that's plucked straight from the earth). In my mind, Ellis Faas Cosmetics has always led the way for makeup that's made for human skin.

Does the name ring a bell? The brand has been stocked at Mecca for several years, and the displays are always memorable with their streamlined silver-bullet packaging and elegant product offering. Faas lived an international life as an uber-influential makeup artist, and although they have a decent social media presence as a brand, the late creator herself didn't like to be in the spotlight much, but her portfolio speaks for itself.

Now to the products (almost all of them are vegan and all are cruelty-free), which are a testament to staying consistent with your artistic vision and not being swayed by the need to bring out collection after collection.

The brand's catch phrase is "human colours", meaning those that you'd find somewhere on the human form. A few Google searches will show that Ellis Faas Cosmetics is known for having some of the most true 'blood-red' lipstick shades on the market - this is not easy feat, isn't it tricky to find a red lip that actually STAYS red when you blot it out (most of the time, a pink base comes through).

It's not just the lip range that's special - the Skin Veil Foundation and Concealer are focused on a natural, radiant finish with some decent skin-boosting ingredients added in. Light, creamy and blendable formulas reign supreme - this means rather than powdery eyeshadow that requires buffing in with a brush, you're more likely to blot these colours on with your fingers and really make them your own.

It's the kind of brand that encourages a capsule makeup collection that works for you, that embraces the natural texture and shades of our skin, and doesn't waste floor space on trends - these are the sorts of classic colours that will stand the test of time.

It's definitely cult-favourite brand with a significant base of dedicated customers, and I think that also comes down to embracing a brand that embraces who we are, encourages play and doesn't require extensive trial and error to get right. While the pricing is definitely on the premium side, it's a brand that feels worth the spend.

While makeup artistry defined her life, Ellis Faas didn't take it all too seriously either, stating in a 2018 Culture Trip interview: "Most people have been made afraid by rules dictated by famous or not-so-famous people wanting to impose dos and don’ts of make-up. Please throw all of that in the rubbish bin, and just try. If you don’t like the result, just take it off, because for crying out loud, it’s only make-up."


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