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The perfume oil that makes you smell like a Hawaiian garden.

I'll start off by saying I don't like 'floral' perfumes - there's nothing wrong with them, but they don't necessarily pique my interest. In fact, many of my more recent fragrance purchases have veered back into 'soapy and clean' (the Clean fragrance line was iconic for this - Warm Cotton, yes!).

When I first came across Kai over 5 years ago, I was surprised to see that the tiny 4ml Perfume Oil was front and centre as the 'must try' product - 4mls? I liked to mist and walk, mist some more, a final spritz - how could I get any impact from a rollerball perfume oil?

This powerhouse oil is all gardenia, but it completely avoids anything synthetic, anything alcohol, anything "flowery" in the traditional sense. It really feels like a whole plant, leaves and all - it's green without being harsh, and it's tropical without any syrup-y coconut (sometimes it even takes on a hint of mintyness on first application).

This is the fragrance that gets compliments and questions from strangers, and I've always marveled at how much 'throw' you get from a simple perfume oil. Just writing this post makes me want to repurchase - I've since tried the EDP spray and the body glow (they once made a fantastic shower scrubby thing which I think has been discontinued), but the tiny rollerball oil is the star of the line.

It's like stepping out of the shower at a resort somewhere warm at the end of the day, slipping into that hotel robe and relaxing with the balcony doors open. It's also a really handy size for travel (when we are all able to do that again), and boy, does it last!

You can find Kai at Mecca, so if you're hunting for your 2021 signature fragrance, it's more than worth a try.


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