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The cruelty-free brand cornering the affordable brow market.

There's big business in big brows.

Think about it - brow shaping, waxing, tinting, lamination, conditioning treatments, grow serums - not to mention microblading and waxes, pomades, gels & tints. If you read any beauty interview or profile, don't be surprised if they talk about their very "quick and easy" makeup routine for busy mornings - but they will NEVER skip their beloved brow routine.

It's not just the change from thin, arched brows to full and free, it's the grooming and consideration we put into our arches. You don't have to choose from black, brown or blonde, you can get the shades that actually match your eyebrows, waterproof formulas and brow kits that have 7 different steps to seal in the finished look. Brows are on the map, for good.

I just happened to be strolling the aisles of a local Priceline when I decided to have a real good look at the Revolution display. Revolution (a UK-based & cruelty-free company) now has six brands under their umbrella, all at accessible pricing while still hitting that premium feel. It's a luxury-dupe heaven when their products are in stock, and what caught my eye was the pockets of brow options.

I did a bit of research (and you can access even more products online where their range just rolls down the web page forever), and pulled together the best of their vegan brow products that caught my eye.

First, the Bushy Brow Pen ($10 AUD), which is made to help you 'fake the microbladed brow look' - now I don't want to name names, but there's a certain non-cruelty-free beauty brand that's selling a microblading brow pen for $45, and given the nature of ink-style pens like this, you're better of testing out if this kind of product works for you before spending that kind of money.

Next, the Laminate Brow (about $14 AUD) which combines a clear gel and an angled pencil to (hopefully) replicate the appearance of laminated brows. As someone who has tried this procedure, let me tell you it's not all that great for thinner brows because even when they are pushed up, if there are any gaps, it feels glaringly obvious - so with a product design like this, you can fill in where you need to before sealing it up (and there's 4 shades available).

In the spirit of 2020, the year of the DIY beauty service, it's only fitting that I include a simple brow tint (it's one of those fun, peel-off formulas). I've tried other brands that have similar formulas, and honestly it's really easy to make these work! If you don't want a big change, leave the tint on for half the time - if you want to tint more regularly, go for it. I recommend doing this before you go to bed though, in case you want any residual tint around the edges of your brows to wear off overnight. So, a humble $10 AUD tube of Brow Tint will do the job until you can see your regular brow tech once more.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that some fancy brow products are worth the money, but when it comes to a quick and easy brow, I want to feel comfortable having one in my handbag, one in my bathroom drawer and one even in the car for a quick touch-up, and I love to see cruelty-free brands with large vegan ranges taking the spend out of glamorous brows.


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