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Got a gift voucher for Mecca? Here’s what you need.

Whoever says gift cards are impersonal is just plain wrong. What’s more personal than gifting your loved one the opportunity to shop at their leisure for something that is exactly right for them?

I’m talking more specifically, of course, about those coveted gift vouchers from Mecca Cosmetica (this year, they’ve done an offer where gift cards over a certain amount also get a Lip De-Luscious SPF25 balm in the box and although this product isn’t vegan it is cruelty-free).

Mecca has a lot of product to work through and a decent range of vegan cosmetics, so if you’re on the hunt for some direction while planning your purchases, here are my favourite buys:

1. The Mecca Cosmetica Weekender Bag is the ultimate gift to yourself – it’s a clear makeup bag but it’s sturdy. This will go the distance in-flight, it looks glam in blush pink or black and it comes in a beautiful dust bag. If you love a touch up, this also isn’t so big that it will swamp your handbag or backpack.

2. MECCA MAX City Slicker Tinted Oil comes in two shades (Nude & Rose), and it’s a low-maintenance lip with shine that won’t get gummy like gloss can. The entire MECCA MAX line is 100% vegan which is a win especially if you just want to kit out a new makeup routine, and all reasonable priced.

3. RMS Beauty’s Un-Powder is exactly as it sounds – it’s the kind of a powder someone with dry skin could wear without fear of “powderiness”, and in a world where dewy skin rules, it’s a nice in-between.

4. Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo is the kind of thing you don’t need until one day you really do. I was recently told by a stylist that dry shampoo doesn’t really work as well when your hair is already oily, you kind of need to catch it with this product before you get to day 3 post hair-wash to absorb the oil as it disperses (this was news to me!). This spray is super convenient to use and comes in a cute travel size if you just want to trial it (and leave a little extra change on that gift card).

Mecca also makes it easy to shop online with specified vegan beauty and vegan skincare categories, so if you can’t (or don’t want to) visit the stores in-person, it’s sometimes just as nice to arrive home to a gift at your front door.

What gift cards did you receive this year, and are you spending now or saving up to purchase old-faithful products?


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