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CoverGirl has vegan makeup, and it’s very wearable.

Whenever I think of CoverGirl, I always think of America’s Next Top Model - the infamous CoverGirl commercial shoots, especially where Jade refuses a cocktail while they are rolling and takes 10x longer to get up the stairs to start talking about the product telling everyone how fabulous they are.

Or sometimes they had to do those makeup challenges especially where the contestants have like 2 minutes to create a “fresh spring look using Covergirl’s latest line of glosses and eyeshadows”. (Was it CoverGirl they had to apply? I can't find any Youtube evidence!).

And then Tyra and the other judges will critique them and it’s always like “Oh, you could have put more on, I’m not seeing much colour there,” or “I wish you’d gone for more brightness on your lips..”, anyway so THAT’S what I always associated CoverGirl with - and some of my earliest concealer memories when I was in high school and it was one of the first items I ever used regularly, I think it was something from the “fresh” line and it had a blue-handled doe-foot applicator and definitely more peachy undertones than suited me.

For awhile, I didn’t have CoverGirl on my radar as they tested on animals, until in 2018 they announced that they were going completely cruelty-free across the brand, Leaping Bunny Certified.

Admittedly, I don’t stop to take a close look at the CoverGirl stands often because I felt like the brand hadn’t really moved on from the standard “look” - but not long after going cruelty-free it felt like CG just sneakily released a completely vegan range called Clean Fresh (which kind of reminds me of that Simpson’s scene where TV execs are working out the title of a new show: “Police..” “Cops...” “Police Cops.”).

Clean Fresh consists of a highlighter stick, Skin Milk foundation which is meant to create a “dewy, moisturising finish”, cream blush and a tinted lip oil. It’s all encased in cutesy pink and white packaging and it screams: “Light coverage, easy look to put together on the go.” Not a dramatic liner or liquid lipstick to be seen! (Unfortunately, only a selection of the line appears to be available from Australian retailers).

With the Skin Milk Foundation retailing for just $11.99 at Chemist Warehouse, it’s also the kind of line you can afford to play with - bring on the accessible all-vegan and cruelty free cosmetics from more major makeup brands!


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