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Zitsticka is eliminating blemishes and their aftermath.

Pimple patches have traditionally been made from hydrocolloid dressing, designed to “absorb” any excess fluid from a blemish and allowing it to heal faster.

The thing about these kinds of patches is that they only work for pimples that have “come to a head” or are close to being popped/have been already (even thought you know you shouldn’t have been picking!).

Zitsticka really switched up the pimple patch game with their Zit KILLA Kit, which brings together blemish-fighting ingredients in microdarts in a convenient size that will penetrate the pimple over two hours (or overnight). Zit Killas are for those early-stage blemishes, so it might look like a red lump under the skin (some cystic blemishes might respond to these patches also) where there isn’t a noticeable head but you just KNOW something is brewing.

You’re looking at a powerful patch that cleverly mixes hydrating ingredients like niacinamide along with pore-clearing salicylic acid to treat and correct the blemish. Dehydrating a blemish will rarely work to promote healing, so not only are you eating away at excess oil in the blemish but you’re protecting the integrity of the skin barrier while you do so.

Pimple patches are a MUST if you find your fingers creeping over to blemishes, inspecting them in a magnifying mirror or just plain going at them with your hands or worse. The physical barrier reduces your access, protects and cushions the blemish and also provides a slight tint and cover over especially angry red blemishes that won’t drag you back to them every time you pass a reflective surface.

And it gets better - once you’ve stopped the blemish in its tracks (it might take more than one application), you can then work on targeting hyperpigmentation (darker skin or red marks leftover from the pimple) with their Hyperfade microdart patches which are formulated with a stellar lineup of pigment-fighting ingredients.

I know what you’re thinking, “But Holly, what about those gooey zits that I DO want to dry up.” Well there’s good news, Zitsticka has just released Goo Getters “for shallow zits” which is a hydrocolloid patch with more including “derm-backed niacinamide, salicylic acid, vitamin c and tea tree to accelerate skin clearing and renewal.”

Now, for a face that is tending to multiple blemishes on any given day, or congested pores and blackheads, these pimple patches may not be the best approach - you’ll want an all-over option like a serum or targeted skin treatment with actives for your skin concerns. For the “every now and then” pimple, these are a fantastic way to speed up the often painfully slow healing process and be sure that you’re giving your blemish all the TLC it needs.


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