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This CBD serum is the only face oil I've ever recommended.

I'm definitely sold on CBD.

Also known as cannabidiol, CBD is a component of the Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica plants, but it doesn't come with any psychoactive properties - in other words, you aren't getting 'high' off anything that's comprised of almost exclusively CBD.

I've spoken about them in other posts (and you'll definitely hear about them in future posts), but I discovered FLORA+BAST in 2019 just before I travelled to the US for a few weeks, and at the top of my shopping list was a note to order some samples of their Age Adapting Facial Serum. I loved it so much (it was blustery winter weather during our road trip across Utah down to Vegas and then onto LA, and coupled with a new tretinoin regiment, my skin was intensely flaky and red - this product was heaven sent) that I ordered the full size to be at home when I flew back, and safe to say I've been all about this product since.

Before I get into the benefits of this serum, let's start with a little lesson on how CBD interacts with the skin topically (I won't dive into oral products yet, although it's a very exciting space):

"Indeed, we have shown previously that the skin ECS (endocannabinoid system) regulates cutaneous cell growth and differentiation, and it reportedly exerts antiinflammatory effects. Of further importance, we have also demonstrated that the ECS plays a key role in the regulation of sebum production."

In other words, our existing endocannaboid system - "a molecular system responsible for regulating and balancing many processes in the body, including immune response, communication between cells, appetite and metabolism, memory, and more" - is responsible for how our skin behaves amongst many other things.

Studies suggest CBD can regulate our lipid production (an important player in the production of acne) and provide substantial anti-inflammatory effects - inflammation and so many skin conditions go hand in hand.

The Paula's Choice team also phrases it well, saying: "Skin has specific receptor sites for cannabinoids (referred to as its endocannabinoid system). It seems CBD can “talk” to these receptor sites on skin, sending unique signals to stop firing the wrong messages, which in turn leads to healthier, better-looking skin."

So, back to the product. The Age Adapting Skin Serum holds over 350mg of CBD and is "rich in phyto-cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and fatty acids." I gotta say, I've never loved face oils previously - I often found them unnecessary or lacking in any benefits over time, and if you've got oily or combination skin, or you experience congested pores, finding the right oil for you can be an absolute minefield, and nothing has seemed worth sticking with until I found this product.

The thing about this CBD serum is that you WANT it to be interacting with your skin, so nights when I use this, it goes on either immediately after tret or straight onto clean skin - you don't want to waste this product on top of layers of other serums and moisturisers. With a base of hemp oil, it definitely smells plant-y, but not strong (I personally really like the scent), and importantly it's not filled with essential oils or fragrances. Just a few drops pressed onto skin is perfect overnight, and it's super speedy at clearing redness and irritation (even on a developing blemish this always keeps the healing skin really healthy).

To me, CBD represents liquid calm for your skin, and I love that you get all the benefits in a base of plant oil that will nourish your skin, encourage balance and importantly reduce inflammation which is the villain behind so many of our skin woes.

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