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What’s next for Pharrell’s skincare line?

On November 25th last year, Pharrell Williams launched Humanrace with a 3-product release which, naturally, sold out super fast.

The first drop consisted of a Rice Powder Cleanser that you blend up yourself with water, balancing physical and chemical exfoliation - not the most popular cleanser form for sure but definitely an on-trend one. Then you’ve got an 8% glycolic Lotus Enzyme Exfoliator (if you haven’t got the message already, Pharrell loves to exfoliate), which is another rinse-off option. You finish off with the Humidifying Cream for moisture, with some squalane and mushroom extract.

I’ve always known that Pharrell was vocal about the importance of skincare, my favourite quote of his from his 2013 Into The Gloss interview:

“You have to clean your face. You can’t sit around and assume it’s going to be OK. I wash my face every day—don’t be afraid to wash yours before you go to bed!”

Doing the media rounds for Humanrace, Pharrell credited his regular dermatologist visits, exfoliation and guidance from other celebrities and models for his skincare knowledge and dedication, and of course, Pharrell is the walking billboard for his line - his skin looks fantastic.

The all-vegan brand describes themselves as “a universe of products and people dedicated to the pursuit of wellbeing, created and curated by Pharrell Williams.”

Since the sell-out of the first products, where other brands would have the products online with the “sold out” sticker emblazoned, Humanrace has stripped the site back to a wait list/stay in the loop form for visitors noting they will be “restocking soon.” I believe they have restocked and sold out a number of times this year already!

What I’m now curious about is where the brand is headed - will we get some

supplement or skincare tool accessories, or if we will see an extension on the core 3 - I’m personally really hoping Pharrell launched a sunscreen to go along with all of that exfoliation. More on this as the brand develops!


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