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Is your skincare routine missing a face workout?

Yeah, you read right. Sitting alongside more invasive treatments and injectables to lift and tighten the skin is a newer form of face transformation - FaceGym.

I first spotted FaceGym watching a Refinery29 video featuring a $325 facial which included a tiny workout ball being manipulated over her face was cleansed, serum-d and treated with radio frequency.

I should say, it featured NOT a facial, as noted in their marketing copy: “It’s a workout. We use high energy kneading movements and cutting-edge technology to tone and tighten the forgotten 40 muscles in the face.”

With slogans like “Never skip face day!” slapped across the site and some impressive before and afters - is it something worth getting into?

Face yoga and tweaking our facial structure isn’t exactly new - there have been programs targeting this and tonnes of facial yoga experts out there, as well as forums filled with people who sing the praises of a fitness routine for their faces. If you search facial yoga or facial exercise on Youtube, you’d have hours of free workouts available. I remember a beauty blogger I used to follow purchased a program and was completely sold seeing the change in her hooded eyelids and her pictures did look legit!

It’s true that you can build out muscles on the face like other muscles in the body, although there are limits to what facial exercise can achieve in terms of not being able to replace or build collagen OR add fat, which is a useful component in keeping our skin plump.

Now as for what’s on offer from FaceGym, there are all sorts of at-home workouts and trainings you can sign up for AND the gear to go with it. Or you can opt for an in-studio workout like Cryo Contour or Signature lift.

Not only do they have a dedicated vegan skincare section, there’s a $520 microcurrent tool called Pure Lift Face, a gua sha-looking Multi-Sculpt and, remember that mini workout ball? $27.

Like any kind of workout, the benefits come from sticking to this stuff long term - it’s unlikely you’ll see any change from once or twice a week. What tends to happen after any kind of facial massage or treatment is that we leave feeling glowy and ever so slightly swollen from having the skin on our face moved around, boosting circulation and giving us a buzz.

While not essential, it could be a fun way to bring back some bounce to your skincare routine and also take a little extra me time.


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