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Did these beauty products save 2020? No, but they are pretty darn good.

I’ll skip the part about 2020 representing a lot of change to our grooming and beauty routines, the part where I’d say “For some of us, it provided the space and time to test out new products or techniques, or to fall back on our ~ self care rituals ~ and stick with what works…”.

Because when you’re in the middle of a global pandemic (and there’s no light at the end of the tunnel just yet), the one thing I think we all want our beauty routines to be is: reliable.

These are my 3 favourite beauty products of the year, and I wore at least one of these on my face literally every day.

Fibre brow gels can be expensive, but they work really well if you’ve got thinner brow hairs that want to lie flat, they cling to what you do have and build up and out. Trust me, I’ve tried brow lamination twice and even with a tint, you just don’t get the volume and coverage in those sparse areas. This brow gel is often 40% off at Woolworths and so at around $8, it’s definitely worth throwing into your basket. (Oh, and I think it rebranded from MoreBrows).

My sister gifted this to me last December when we were in the US as a belated birthday gift (and I definitely didn’t appreciate it would probably be the last time for a long time that I’d be in the states). It was a blind buy, but I knew I needed something with zinc oxide in it and the ingredient list didn’t bear any red flags. I purchase mine from Revolve as that’s one of the few ways to get this brand to Australia, and at $62 it’s not the most practical but my goodness is it a delight to wear. It’s very glowy and lotion-y so you might not love this if you want your sun protection to feel like nothing throughout the day, but this is a definite winner if you have skin that starts stinging at the sight of a Banana Boat product. I’ve gifted this to people for Christmas this year to share the joy, because the right sunscreen really can make you feel quite evangelical.

So this product was a latecomer of 2020, but I would say it’s the star of these 3. It’s so much of a star that it’s sold out on the Ultra Violette website (you can still get it on Adore Beauty I believe) and more often than not it’s always sold out online and in-person at Sephora. I’ve taken to doing a walk-by and eyeing up the UV stand whenever I’m in town and I’m still yet to see a restock (although the Sephora staff say they get one every few weeks). Anyway, this is SPF50, zinc-based, and even though it’s branded as mattifying, the best way I can describe this product is luxurious. It’s got a texture that doesn’t spread too thin or thick, a tint that won’t wash you out but will pull down any redness a touch, and it feels still nicely hydrating and protective for daily wear. I don’t know if any other sunscreen could top this, and I salute the Ultra Violette team for this incredible formula – again, I gifted this product this Christmas because everyone needs one in their beauty arsenal.

So what did you use down to the very last pump this year? Did you find some hidden gems in your existing collection or try to give your skin a break? I’d love to know.


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